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About Norwich Remapped.

Norwich Remapped was conjured by Elliott Johnson for their MA project at Norwich University of the Arts. The site was last updated in April 2022, and all information is accurate at the time of posting. Click on street and place names anywhere on the site to explore the map. The site is a work-in-progress—if you have any information, please speak it into the Pigeonhole and we will do our best to follow up.


The site is not only not-for-profit, but positively anti-profit. Money is a spook. In this site, we've tried not to emphasise or name specific places that cost money to visit or use. Walking is free and long may it remain so.

However, many people seem to think that money is not a spook, and so the site does cost around £30 a year to run. If you enjoy what we’re doing here in this little forgotten attic of the world wide web, and you’d like to help us keep the site alive, you can donate

Thanks to Roter Su, Susie Hanna, John Small, Marie Brennan, Desmond Brett and Paul Johnson for general guidance and advice; Stephen Jarvis, Jon Fennell and Terry George for a treasure trove of local knowledge and resources; and Jonathan Plunkett for allowing us to use his father George's photographs of Norwich-gone-by. Thanks to all those who participated in the film, including those who didn't make the final cut: namely Peter Turrell, Chris Keene and Bevan. Special thanks to M. for supporting this project from its inception.


sources & springs ...

  • Hearsay, rumours, urban legends.

  • Vigorous and prolific street-walking.

  • Primary sources whose anonymity must be protected.

  • Photographs by George Plunkett, courtesy of Jonathan Plunkett.

  • Photographs from Geograph, featured under the CC-BY-SA 2.0 licence. Most photos used here are by Evelyn Simak.

  • Info about the chalk tunnels and images by Stephen Jarvis.

  • Ralph Hale Mottram's 1953 book If Stones Could Speak. Reprinted by EP Publishing Ltd, 1973.

  • Pamela Brooks' 2003 book Norwich: Stories of a City. Fort Publishing Ltd.


Elsewhere on the site, specific sources are sometimes linked, although I'll be honest, we've not been super consistent with this.


☞ online haunts.

☞ film & images.

                                  a TV feature about the
Argyle Street Alternative Republic,
directed by Al Stokes, 1985.

Stephen Jarvis's photographs.

☞ dusty tomes.

Ralph Hale Mottram, If Stones Could Speak.
E.P. Publishing, 1953 (republished 1973).


Paul Farley & Michael Simmons Roberts, Edgelands: Journeys into the heart of England's true wilderness. Vintage, 2011.

Tom Cox, 21st-Century Yokel. Unbound, 2017.

Robert MacFarlane, Underland. Hodder & Stoughton, 2018.

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