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Argyle Street.

Now an unassuming row of 80s terraces on the fringe of the city centre, just off King Street, Argyle Street was once the home of Europe's largest squat: the Argyle Street Alternative Republic, 1979–85.

At its height, the squat spanned sixty Victorian terraced houses, and boasted a community café with a record player (courtesy of Jon Fennell). The pavements, houses and street lamps were covered in colourful graffiti. An anti-Thatcher convoy called the street home, and the roadside was filled with caravans. The squatters struck a deal with the Labour council to remain there; this deal was supposed to include a £1 million grant for the community, but the grant was vetoed by the T*ries (specifically M*ch**l H*s*lt*ne). In 1985 the last few squatters were evicted by sixty Norwich police officers, and a year later the houses were demolished and replaced with drab modern units.

Eamonn and Chrys talk about the Argyle Street Alternative Republic.

Street of Experience, a 1985 TV documentary by Al Stokes, about the Republic's final days.

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