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for exploring the Fine City.

    1. Travel by your usual route, INVERTED. Each time you would normally turn left, take a right instead. Where you would cross the road, stick to your side.

   2. Walk as if you are being followed, and you are trying to lose your tail. Double back on yourself at random intervals. Slip down side-streets. Elude and baffle the prying eyes of C.C.T.V. cameras.

   3. Consult a street-map. Open it to a random page. Take the nearest object to your left or right (a glass, a book, a sex toy), and trace its OUTLINE on the map with a pencil. Take the map out into the streets and attempt to follow this line as closely as you can.

   4. Use your map to identify all of the streets you have never taken and all the places you have never been within the city centre. Set yourself a time limit (a  day, a week, etc.) and attempt to visit all of these neglected spots. Correct the omissions and errata on your personal map.

   5. Sit in one place for as long as you can.

Record your observations using these strategies and report back. The map shall only be complete once every denizen of this city, alive or dead, has contributed.

For an alternative strategy, you may consult our

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